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IC, India may indeed be very corrupt, but that is not enough to impede long term growth. The US, after all, was astonishingly corrupt in the 19th Century. For me in the short term the key thing is to mobilize good sources of demand and here India (like the US by the way) may have a source of strength that has often been seen as one of its main weaknesses. India has terrible infrastructure, so it can easily boost productivity faster than debt by investing in inrtasrfucture.In a world desperate for sustainable sources of demand, this may be a great advantage if the Indians know how to mobilize it.
2016-05-17 04:50:02
typo....I think letting Youtuber Alphacat do HIS Obama impression and announce the start of YoutubeLive, would be very <a href="http://homndssyx.com">ine.trstinge..I</a> cant wait to watch this...This is such a great idea and maybe next year, one of the cable stations will let this air and they can offer commercials to make it a fair exchange...I would love to be able to watch this on TV too. ~Raven
2016-05-17 15:16:38
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2016-05-18 19:52:52
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2016-05-19 22:42:14
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